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What sort of company?

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     The topic of friendships or the company one keeps applies to both the young and the old. Different people come our way for different purposes, with some we form close relationships and with some we don’t. Everyone needs friends but the question is what type of friends do you have. Do you have real friends or the right type of friends?

     Real friends are people who are always by your side in thick and thin. True friends are there in your times of prosperity and adversity. Epicetetus once said “In prosperity, it is very easy to find a friend, in adversity, nothing is so difficult”. True friends are not afraid to tell you the truth. When they see you following the wrong path or the road to destruction, they alert you. They give you good advice and counsel.

     The right friends are those who correct you in love because they really care about you. On your part, you must not be defensive or take offense when they correct you; this is where humility comes in. True friends have your best interest at heart.

     Do not keep friends that engage in evil deeds because they will definitely lure you to do the wrong things and lead you to your destruction. A lot of people have become liabilities today as a result of negative influence from bad friends. I’ve heard of so many stories of people who had friends that introduced them to smoking, drugs, armed robbery, prostitution and the like.

     Real friends are trustworthy and loyal; friends that don’t backstab you no matter what. When choosing friends, select friends with likeminds. Make friends with people that have a strong determination to succeed in life.  Also, make friends with achievers who are willing to share their knowledge with you. Bob Gass in his book “Discovering your destiny” said “Surround yourself with people who compliment you, not duplicate you!” You become wise by walking with the wise. You should choose people that add to you and not subtract from you.

     If you aren’t much of a listener, you’ve got to learn the art. Why? When you listen to the other person talk, you learn a significant part of who they are, their interests and beliefs. Apart from their self assessments, you also have to study them carefully, their actions, decisions, personality before making them your friends. Financial status and outward beauty should not be the criteria with which you choose your friends.

     “Learn to recognize toxic relationships and walk away from them before they take you down with them. Become more discerning about the company you keep. Sever the ties that limit you! Unless you have the courage to cut off what won’t heal, you’ll end up losing more –much more!- Bob Gass.


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  1. Good one, but let me add to it, d kind of friend u keep wil determine ur end. U have d power to choose d kind of friend u want.

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